また、GOD TIERの方は運が良ければデモソングやボツ曲が聴けます。が、基本的に運が良ければ、なのでこちらも期待しないでください。

As I’m back on YOUTUBE, I starting a channel membership system.
There is no particular difference between Tiers, members will be able to see members-only videos and members-only chats in the community tab.
I will accept cover requests on a priority basis, but basically I will only play the songs I want to play, so please don’t expect me to do so. Please don’t get your hopes up.
I will use it as a hint for my creative work.

Also, GOD TIER will be able to listen to demo songs and rejected songs if you are lucky. But basically, if you are lucky, so please don’t expect to hear them either.
I’m just busy making contents, so I’d like to offer interesting things that are created as a side effect.
To join, please click the button next to the video title or on the top right corner of the channel!